BiEST Beauty School

  • Become a professional esthetician in 12 weeks.

    Become a professional esthetician in 12 weeks.

Study of skincare is involved with

a science of skin, body, muscle, blood flow and lymph. To become an esthetician, you also need a knowledge of how to satisfy clients and make them return to your salon again. To become a self-employed, you will need a knowledge of management. They are all in different category of skills and knowledge.

The BiEST beauty school’s program is

designed to produce self-employed professional estheticians. We are cosmetics company, salon owner, have esthetician, have all the knowledge to share. You will become a professional self-employed esthetician in 12 weeks.

What we teach




  • Structure of the skin
  • Function of each skin layer
  • Type and function of facial muscles
  • Lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes
  • Nerve
  • Skin Troubles (Spots, wrinkles, slack, Acne, etc…)
  • UV rays and skin trouble
  • Hormone
  • Skin and viscera


  • Definition of cosmetics
  • Components of cosmetics
  • Anti-aging
  • Moisturizing
  • Lifting
  • Brightning


Skincare routine

Skincare routine

  • Preparation
  • Welcome customer
  • Counselling
  • Using towels for head and decorate
  • Make-off
  • Cleansing
  • Facial massage (6 basic procedures)
  • Decorate massage
  • Head massage
  • Finishing care
  • Skin troubles and treatment
  • Counselling


  • Electroporation
  • Radio Frequency
  • Scrubber
  • Diode Light
  • Cryo


BiEST Cosmetics President
  • Reception
  • Manner
  • Closing Counselling
  • Homecare product proposal