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I would like the women around the world to feel the best beauty.

What is beauty? Even if you are wearing clothes such as jacket or jewelry or brand.
It is the beauty of the goods, not the beauty that the person originally possesses.

Also, true beauty is not limited to appearance, but what comes from the heart also comes together to appear on the surface.

Aesthetic salon BiEST uses high quality cosmetics and draws out the
beauty of appearance with the hand technique of beautician
“Maeda Fumie”.

In addition, care from the inside is also borne in mind by spending
time of bliss with the customer by the hospitality service by the best

Will you also shine as a partner of a salon that leads women around
the world to the best smile?

Market scale of Esthetic industry

Market Scale

Market Scale

Share rate of esthetic salons by category

Share rate of esthetic salons by category

Beauty and wellness are large and stable industry.

Why facial.

Attraction of facial salon business

Attraction of facial salon business

  • Low initial investment! No expensive capital investment needed.
  • High profitability.
  • High repeat rates. Unlike sliming or hair removal, facial never ends.
  • Even more sells from homecare products.
  • A high unit price for the effort.
  • Short investment recovery period!

3 conditions required for esthetic salons that continue to run

1 Facility / Atmosphere
2 Hospitality
3 Effect / Efficacy

Commitment of the BiEST Salons that Satisfy these three conditions

1 Facility / Atmosphere

Maeda Fumie advises the layout of store arrangements and fixtures.
We help creates a comfortable environment for customers and functional space for esthetician from the the first store.

Fc Draw
Fc Inter
Fc Bed
2 Hospitality

Japan’s hospitality “OMOTENASHI” is highly appreciated around the world.
We will instruct the all staff at BiEST Salon thoroughly to hospitality guests with high quality manners.

Hospitality 00
Hospitality 01
Hospitality 02
3 Effect / Efficacy

In order to feel the effect and obtain customer satisfaction, it is necessary to have knowledge as experts and techniques that can produce results.
To make a High level facial salon, all staff at BiEST salons attend school of theory and practical skills.

Effect 01
Effect 02


1 Consideration


Call us, e-mail us for inquiries, we will make a schedule for briefing.

Briefing and consultation

We will propose our business description and business plan.
We will also have a time for consultation answer all questions you may have.


When we agree with our business plan, we will make a contract franchising.
In addition, we will give you advice such as financing if needed.

2 Lessons and training


We will give you 6 hours a day for12 days. 72 hours in total of theory classes and practical training, manner, and reception, in order to become professional esthetician, salon manager/owner.

Final Examination

You will have final examination on both theory and practial to make sure that you have a BiEST quality of knowledge and technique.
If not, we will give you additional lessons and retest until you reach the required level.

3 Preparation for opening

Package for opening delivered

You will receive the necessary supplies and equipment to you to open your salon.

Layout and display

Fixtures, equippment, machine and products will be set and displayed.

Fixture, products confirmation

We will have a final confirmation so that you will have a smooth opening day.


Grand Opening


1 Regular technical guidance

Technique tends to become your own style when time passes.
Keep up-to-date and maintain high technique at our guidance.

2 Management strategy meeting

Analyze sales trends of salon.
Discuss business strategies according to the size and area of the salon.

3 New course, new products

Limited and/or seasonal menus and the latest BiEST products will be notified to franchisees first.

About BiEST Franchise

About BiEST franchise

We bring the finest beauty to the women around the world, with our high quality made in Japan cosmetics, and esthetic tecnique founded by beautician
‘Fumie Maeda’.


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All the cosmetic products are planned, developed and manufactured at BiEST Cosmetics.

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