UV Kakumei Rose

  • Spray it on your make up!

    Spray it on your make up!

Spray it over your make-up!

Uv Kakumei

UV care in the morning does not protect your skin all day.
You need to apply UV protection repeatedly during the daytime.

UV Kakumei Rose is a Micro Mist spray type of UV protection, so that you can apply on your make-up for many times.

Moreover, it is also enriched with 13 kinds of beauty ingredients which prevent make-up cracking because of dry air from Air Conditioner.

SPF: 15

Beautify your skin with UV Kakumei

Uv Kakumei Spray
  • Don’t wanna have unnatural white skin!
  • Don’t like troublesome work!
  • Don’t wanna have sunburn, but I don’t wanna burden my skin too much!

“UV Kakumei Rose” is a breakthrough in UV protection, created by beautician Fumie Maeda, who tried to solve her salon customers’ anxieties. Very easy to use and enriched with safe beauty ingredients.
Take 『UV kakumei Rose』 whenever you go out.
It gently protects your precious skin.

13 beauty ingredients in addition to UV protection

Protecting beautiful skin

Protecting beautiful skin

  • Platinum
  • Alfa arbutin
  • Ascorbyl phosphate Mg
  • Mugwort root extract
  • Cherry leaf extract
  • Decomposed-prunes
  • Bilberry leaf extract


  • Raffinose
  • Glycyrrhizic acid 2K
  • Canina rose oil
  • Allantoin
  • Aloe vera leaf extract
  • Cellulose gum
  • Damask rose flower oil

Air compression spray

Img Uv Kakumei Back Legs
  • No LP gas or nitrogen is used.
  • It is bottled with vacuum pack so no preservative is needed.
  • You can spray upside down so that you can reach difficult parts like neck or back easily.
  • You can apply it for hair, face, and your whole body.

How to use UV Kakumei

UV Kakumei Rose

UV Kakumei Rose

UV Protection