Platinum Water

Preparation is always necessary.
Why not for for skin care?

“Platinum Water” provises this preparation. There were 3 points of significance during the development:

  • to make the cluster smaller and make moisture spread instantly
  • to remove dirt remaining on the skin surface and pores, making it easier for transdermal absorption
  • to make it easy to carry beauty serum to the back of your skin by making it easy to dissolve in both water and oil

Negative ion reducing water

Negative ion reducing water

Platinum Water contains physically negative ions in large quantities obtained by our own electrolysis and is alkaline which shows pH 12.0 ± 0.5. This makes preservative-free lotion possible. You can use it with confidence in all types of skin.

Cleansing effect of sebum secretion

Water containing a large amount of negative ions covers the surface of lipid and skin, then peels off dirt and lipids of the skin by the repulsive force of minus.

Antibacteral effect

Negative ion reducing water is alkaline which shows pH 12.0 ± 0.5, so it is impossible to propagate bacteria under this environment. Even alkalophilic bacteria that prefer alkalinity can survive only to pH 10.5. In the actual experiments as well, the antibacterial activity test of acnes bacteria, which is considered to be the cause of acne, was not detected at all after 1 minute of application, and similar results were obtained in other E. coli, Salmonella, etc, the antibacterial activity was excellent.

Skin penetration effect

It has been confirmed that minus ion reducible water permeates into the skin by test. Therefore, since it has an effect as a delivery function to transport the beauty ingredients that you want to penetrate into the skin, by using platinum water before applying the essence liquid, the penetration rate of the cosmetic ingredient into the skin is dramatically improved.

Moisture effect

The surface tension of water is 72 dyn / cm2, whereas the surface tension of minus ion reducible water is only 56 dyn / cm2, so it is easy to fit into the skin and it gives moisture to the skin rather than water.

Thioctic acid

Thioctic acid is also known as alpha lipoic acid, which is a supplementary enzyme generated inside a human body. Its antioxidant power is nearly 400 times more than vitamin C/E, and since it dissolves in water or oil with small molecular weight, it penetrates deep in the skin and maximizes its strong antioxidant effect. It also activates other antioxidants (vitamin C/E. glutathione).

  • Improves spots and wrinkles
  • Small open pores
  • Smoothen the skin
  • Homogenize the skin tone



In 1996, Dr. Kuroto and others got the Nobel Prize for Chemistry awards based on the discovery of fullerenes, and it is a substance shaped like a soccer ball on the same carbon allotrope as diamond. There is work that absorbs active oxygen that causes aging like a sponge.

  • Active oxygen removal effect
  • Melanin suppression effect
  • Collagen production effect
Pt Water

Pt Water

150ml (home care)
500ml (pro use)