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Why we use platinum.

Ultimate reduction power of Hydrogen and Platinum nano colloid, together!

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Hydrogen, the smallest molecule in the Universe will easily go through the skin barrier (percutaneous absorption).
Variety of beauty effects are expected by the powerful antioxidant effect that hydrogen has. It also helps mitochondria that supply energy (ATP) to cells.


Collagen building

improve wrinkles & sagging 2.35 times better.

Reduce melanin formation

brightening, reduce stain, reduce melanin form 87%

Moisturizing capacity

improve moisturizing capacity
improve and prevent rough skin

Fat burning

accelerate cellulite & fat burning
reduce fat droplet form 90%


Great synergy of Hydrogen and Platinum nanocolloid

Platinum nano colloid attracts Hydrogen, then it helps
hydrogen and oxidants react. It heighten antioxidant effect.

Platinum nano colloid and Hydrogen together is 65 time more effective than using either one alone.

Dr. Nobuhiko Miwa (Pharmacology)
Former professor at Osaka butsuryo University

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